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Thanks to a wide range of services and a large number of sending points, you can enjoy the convenience of sending with Ecolet


Effortless Parcel Delivery: Send your packages from the comfort of your home and enjoy swift, hassle-free delivery. The couriers pick up your items at your specified time, making it perfect for those who value convenience.

Courier-Locker and Locker-Courier

Simplify your parcel deliveries with our versatile options. Choose a locker from which you want to send your shipment, courier to deliver or pick up to your specified location, or opt for locker pickup. With Courier-Locker and Locker-Courier, convenience is at your fingertips!

PUDO Points (Pick Up, Drop Off)

Convenient Parcel Services at PUDO Points: Streamline your parcel deliveries with PUDO Points options. Select a courier to drop off at your chosen location. With PUDO Points, convenience is just a click away!


Need a speedy and flexible parcel delivery option? Opt for our Locker-to-Locker service! It’s the ideal choice for those who prioritize time and convenience. Locate the nearest parcel machine on our map, scan the code on your label, and drop your parcel in the box. Our courier will handle the rest, ensuring seamless delivery from one locker to another.

All the most popular couriers in one place!

With a wide range of offers and all the most popular couriers brought together in one panel, you can compare prices for any type of shipment!

Post and send whatever you want

Send Anything, Anywhere: Our service lets you post and send anything you desire, without limitations. Experience the freedom to share your items with ease and convenience.

Standard packages

Maximize Savings on Domestic Shipments with our Standard Courier Service. We partner with top-notch logistics providers to offer you the most competitive prices for standard shipping. Streamline your shipping operations and enjoy the best market rates with instant quotes and expert assistance.

Benefits of Ecolet:

Cost-effective and efficient solution for non-urgent shipments.

Ideal for online shops and retailers with frequent parcel deliveries.

The preferred choice for shippers seeking budget-friendly rates.

Non-standard packages

Non-standard shipments refer to parcels that don’t fit the usual rectangular cardboard box. They encompass a variety of items that may require unique packaging and handling. On Ecolet, you can easily send non-standard items like:



fragile and delicate shipments

car parts