FedEx – Safe-Packing Policy

The Safe-Packing Policy is FedEx’s rules on how to properly and safely pack your shipments.

If you don’t meet The Safe-Packing Policy requirements, the courier will refuse the order.

Be sure to read the requirements that FedEx are introducing.

The Safe-Packing Policy – what does it mean?

FedEx are introducing additional packaging guidelines to increase the safety of couriers and the cargo they carry. The Safe-Packing Policy refers to a courier package (parcel or pallet) packed in robust, size-appropriate and secure packaging. It’s nothing new, but make sure you meet all the conditions. Otherwise, the courier will refuse to accept the parcel.

You will meet the The Safe-Packing Policy requirements if:

  • You use packaging appropriate to its size and weight
  • The packaging is in good condition, without holes, damage, dents, especially on corners and edges
  • Fill empty spaces carefully – the contents must not move around in the packaging
  • Mark heavy parcels – that is parcels weighing more than 23 kg. 
  • H tape the parcel – taping side edges and joint (picture)
  • Prepare the waybill and stick it on the upper surface of the parcel. The waybill must not be bent. If necessary, Attach additional information labels (e.g. weight) to the parcel

ATTENTION! Do NOT use any string or lanyard to wrap the package!

Make sure your package is properly wrapped. Source: FedEx The Safe-Packing Policy

The Safe-Packing Policy – tips

Pallets are used to transport courier shipments weighing over 70 kg. Make sure that pallets are in good condition for pallet forklift transport. Avoid the use of chipboard and polystyrene pallets.

Keep these five tips in mind when packing goods on a pallet:

  • Place packages or other goods on the pallet so that they form an even, flat and stable structure
  • Do not exceed the permitted height (180 cm, including the pallet)
  • Nothing may stick out beyond the outline of the pallet
  • Secure the goods firmly on the pallet, wrapping them crosswise with binding strips and stretch film
  • Prepare a waybill and place it on the side of the pallet (not on top)

When is the shipment Unfit to Travel?

FedEx couriers have the right to refuse your shipment if:

  • you use inappropriate packaging – for example, packaging that is too fragile or thin, which risks tearing the parcel in transit
  • the packaging is ripped, taped, or crumpled – especially around the edges and corners
  • the package is wet or leaking
  • the domestic parcel has a total weight of over 70 kg.

Pallet Unfit to Travel

The courier will refuse to accept the pallet if:

  • the goods on the pallet protrude beyond its outline
  • sharp edges protrude or the goods have sharply pointed corners – it is necessary to thoroughly secure the goods with foam, bubble wrap, or cardboard packaging

If you are preparing shipments for FedEx couriers you need to keep the above recommendations in mind. They are not difficult to meet or unique. Simply pack your parcel carefully according to The Safe-Packing Policy and you will avoid hassle and surcharges. Instead, your package will be delivered safely.