Can be food sent by courier?

Which food items can be sent by courier and which cannot?

The regulations of courier companies clearly state that it is prohibited to send food:

• perishable

• requiring special transport conditions, such as temperature control.

And that, in fact, is all the restrictions on food. Perishable foods are, for example:

• raw milk

• fresh dairy products: yoghurt, kefir, cream, fresh cheese, butter

• Fresh fish and shellfish, fish products

• raw meat and offal

• eggs

• raw fruit and vegetables

• cooked fruit and vegetable dishes

How do I prepare food for courier delivery?

Remember that a courier parcel has a hard life in transit. Handling and sorting make the parcel vulnerable to damage. Don’t spare the time and materials to secure the contents of your parcel well.

Pack fragile cookies in a rigid container such as metal.

If possible avoid glass packaging – if you have no other choice carefully protect such packaging with bubble wrap and make sure the parcel is well padded. You may find the following tips from the “Fit to Travel” entry helpful.

Can food be sent abroad by courier?

If you plan to ship to other countries, check the regulations in the recipient country. For example, you are not allowed to send food, including even tinned or processed food, by courier to the UK.