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    Courier services


    Fast delivery parcel? Quick return of a COD amount? Other special requests?  No problem! There are 7 courier companies to choose from in Ecolet.ro. Envelopes, parcels. Domestic and international transport. Each service in several options, with the possibility of adding specific additional services, depending on the offer of the courier companies. We give you a large selection of courier services for business and e-commerce!

    Types of courier services available to Ecolet customers

    • Envelopes and standard courier parcels
    • Non-standard courier shipments


    Envelopes and standard parcels

    With most courier companies a standard parcel is a rectangular cardboard box with the dimensions not exceeding 10/15/10 cm.

    You don’t need to know all that! Our system will automatically present the available services to you after you enter your address details, parcel type, the correct dimensions and weight.

    In the Ecolet Form you have the possibility to choose additional services, such as:

    • insurance
    • return of COD
    • return of documents
    • Saturday delivery
    • Open parcel


    Not every courier allows you to use all of the above additional options. Therefore, when you select the courier, the system automatically adjusts the available additional services. You do not need to know the terms and conditions of each courier – it is done by us.  This is a very convenient and intuitive model of selecting courier services.


    Non-standard shipments in Ecolet

    The Ecolet Customer Form allows you to order a shipment with different packaging, dimensions or weight than standard. Just like when sending regular parcels, you give the dimensions and weight of the parcel and the system automatically presents the available courier services. A non-standard parcel is a cardboard box with the sum of its dimensions not exceeding 250 cm and weighing not more than 30 kg. The maximum dimension of one side may vary from one courier company to another and it can be between 60 cm and 150 cm.


    Courier services in Ecolet – summary

    Customers of Ecolet benefit from a large number of courier service options available in one Shipping Form. If you are looking for a logistics operator that offers a universal range of solutions, Ecolet’s offer is just right for your company.

    If you want to check what services we offer and how the Form works, it is enough to create an account on the website, free of charge and without any obligations. The account is unlimited and free of charge. There is no limit for a minimum number of orders. Send whenever you want. Starting with one package.

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